Why should I recycle? What if I don't?

As mentioned in the tab 'What are the 3Rs?', recycling has an important part in reducing pollution on Earth. By recycling, less waste is incinerated (reducing air pollution) and less waste will be dumped in landfills (reducing water pollution).

Doing your part in recycling can give Planet Earth a chance to survive, as well as sustain life on the planet. Even just by throwing your Coke can into a recycling bin, you are doing your part. Every effort counts!

If no one recycles, it doesn't really seem to make a difference, does it? Well, it may not seem to harm the Earth any worse in a short term, but the damage is seen in the long run! For example, glaciers that were once colossal in the past have now melted to almost nothing in a few years, due to the Earth's temperature rising because of global warming. By then, it would be too late to do anything, for the glaciers would have long been gone and it would be impossible to "unmelt" them.